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Setting expectations for probationary employees Is the duty to accommodate less onerous for probationary employees? How to dismiss so it's not amiss – termination guidelines for probationary employees A recent case from the Alberta Court of Appeal considered this question in the context of an employee with Asperger's syndrome working at a call centre but, unfortunately, did not provide a definitive answer.

The Court reasoned that the employee had not requested reasonable accommodation because his proposed accommodation, “knowledge and understanding” by hospital staff, would not enable the employee to effectively communicate with patients.

In other words, the proposed accommodation did not address the employee’s inability to perform one of the essential functions of the job.

The overall purpose of the code is to ensure that all individuals have equal participation and opportunities available to them in their environment.

If an employee has a special need, the workplace must make reasonable accommodations to allow the employee to participate and engage in their work.

Below is some important information you should be aware of as your child begins to enter the workplace.

The Manitoba Human Rights Code prohibits discrimination in the workplace against individuals who have a physical or mental disability.

It is important to have a discussion with your workplace early on if you know you will be requiring an accommodation.Scent aversions or fragrance sensitivities as they’re more commonly known can cause significant issues in the workplace.People with a fragrance sensitivity can have a variety of reactions from sneezing/runny nose to severe migraines and asthma attacks.Over the course of the probationary period, performance issues were observed through in-person monitoring as well as with random recorded calls.The grievor scored well below the Telus policy and the employee was dismissed.

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