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In 2014, Solo was arrested on two counts of domestic violence.She pleaded not guilty and the case was eventually dismissed.This, from the Seattle Times: Late that night, Marie went to the university hospital, across the street from Husky Stadium.She got a shot for nausea and was directed to Harborview Medical Center for a sexual-assault exam. The medical staff found semen in her vagina and rectum, and a doctor told Marie that her anus had been lacerated.And yes, I’m comfortable calling a mid-week wedding between these two, who have been dating for eight weeks and just had a physical altercation 48 hours ago, a shitshow. [] Related: Jerramy Stevens and Hope Solo Allegedly Fought Over Whether to Live in Washington or Florida Related: Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens Are Dating?Hope Solo was pitied for being the victim of domestic violence. All the while, nobody really knew if she was ever abused or in any danger.Solo was placed in goal and was so good that college teams began to recruit her as a goalkeeper.

There, his friend hit a 17-year-old, James Hoover, in the head with a baseball bat. Who knew Solo, the sexy and fiesty soccer star, was dating a player we once dubbed the “Most Disgusting Player in the NFL?

In a wild day, made only crazier by the ridiculous conclusions that people were too eager to jump to, Solo showed up to court to see her fiance appear on a domestic violence charge that was quickly dismissed. The former NFL player has a long history of arrests, bad judgement and downright sickening behavior.

There was no evidence for the court to charge Solo's fiance nor was there nearly enough for observers to come to any legitimate, conclusions but while the court acted intelligently, the public didn't. On that alone, Solo was deemed crazy to date him, agree to marry him and a day after appearing in court, marry him. People were compelled to care about Solo's non-domestic abuse and weigh in. Some have questioned whether she could possibly be happy with Stevens despite her statements, because they know, or something.

However, it is “interesting” (to use one of her own words) that she chose to include this tidbit at all.

Unfortunately, it appears that Hope won’t be making out with any other women (French or not) in the near future, as her book makes mention of her dating men.

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