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We document our work in our newsfeed and post current developments in the exhibition project.

GO TO NEWS FEED Virtual tour through the exhibition Whether at home or on the way here, the Digitorial gives you a preview of what awaits you, and introduces the themes addressed by the exhibition. On 23 July and 5 November you can have a personal appointment at the museum.

The developing awareness of a “new world” in the west destabilized Europeans’ existing world-view.

Because of Luther and other leading figures of the Protestant Reformation, Christians were now faced with alternatives in belief and confronted with existential decisions about right and wrong in their own lives.

A massive water-spouting Satan from the façade of Cologne Cathedral, Christoph Columbus’ personal weather-forecasts, the first European image of an American Indian – these and many other exhibits are waiting to be explored.

See the new developments Experience the most recent developments surrounding the exhibition.

On the occasion of the Reformation anniversary, the exhibition “Luther, Kolumbus und die Folgen” juxtaposes dramatic changes and new ideas that left contemporaries torn between paradise and apocalypse.

Remote shooting using Retina display A certified cable connection enables the real-time interactivity between i Pad and camera.

The boredom is part of the draw, it's perfect to nod off on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon to...gentle knock of the balls colliding, polite applause, and John Virgo saying "ooh, that's a bad miss".

Jezebel is dedicated to what contemporary women want to talk about.

This includes dynamic histograms and audio level displays.

Interactive focus Point to any spot on the screen; a digital zoom magnifies that area so you can fine-tune focus for maximum accuracy.

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