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This blend of characteristics can make them frustrating to live with, but it also means that they're a fascinating challenge to a dog trainer.

Train your basset with lots of positive motivation-they respond especially well to food rewards-and you'll see how smart they really are! Basset hounds are medium-sized dogs Technically, but a sturdy male basset weighing upwards of seventy pounds might make you doubt that technicality.

Leon Kass of the University of Chicago says that nowadays "for the great majority, the way to the altar is uncharted territory: It's every couple on its own bottom, without a compass, often without a goal.

Those who reach the altar seem to have stumbled on it by accident." It may be that the traditional route to conjugal correctness—chaste courtship, formal engagement, church wedding, consummation, and parenthood, in that order—is less traveled.

Ben and Ellen Knecht exchange vows—with, from left, John Labanish, Pamela Blount, Andre Lane, Mike Luzzi, Teresa Ponziani, Jim Kent, Pat Mahon, and Christina Lane. Not a few parents pine for the courtship rules and rites of, let us say, those halcyon colonial times, when, as they understand it, propriety tempered ardor, virtue checked passion, and abstinence made the heart grow fonder.

Many a modern mother and father brood about the matches their sons and daughters will make. "Distance," as Thomas Campbell wrote in 1799, "lends enchantment," and two centuries later, for many worry-ridden parents, the perfect courtship model follows in the footsteps of Jane Austen's smoldering Mr.

One important thing we want adopters to know about Bassets is they are very stubborn. But once you have a Basset you won’t ever want to be without one. Basset Hounds’ ears can become smelly due to a yeast infection, to which they are prone.

If you want a dog that is going to sit, stay and come on command, you do not want a basset hound. Here is a misconception that many people have: Bassets stink! However, some have oily skin due to the food they are fed, and because they are not bathed regularly. That can be averted by regular, weekly gentle cleanings of the ears with a baby wipe. Another thing to consider: Basset Hound puppies are cute and adorable, but as they grow through “terrible twos”, oh my goodness!

Luckily, Bassets seem much less terrified of vacuum cleaners than do most other breeds. Basset hounds are good companions to take on off-lead romps through the woods.Defying parental prohibitions, youths occasionally caught the quickest ride to their connubial destination.At left, a coach waits for a pair leaving by the back fence in John Collet's The Elopement, from ca. Starting a family at times leapfrogged a wedding—baby-to-be making a party of three. The anxiety is quickened by the feeling that society has been on the road to ruin since maybe Miles Standish's day and that the prospects of their offspring walking the path to the altar with a nice young man or sweet young woman have greatly diminished since John Alden and Priscilla Mullins made the trip.Do not use alcohol, as that can burn and be harmful. Tough love is needed and much hugs, kisses, discipline and repetitive training. Then they will become the dream dog you’ve desired. You will not have to deal with the destructive puppy phase! Basset hounds are less intelligent than other dogs.They will tear up things, jump around a lot and just be annoying. Bassets are very intelligent, but they also possess an independent nature and low desire to please their people.

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